Earn extra money – temporary jobs

jobs for hoteliers



A hotelier’s lifestyle is very different to any other – it allows a lot of flexibility. If you run a seasonal hotel, that ‘flexibility’ can actually mean at least four months without any income. Which is great if you’ve been so busy throughout the year that you have several months bills and mortgage put aside.

Getting a job can be an awkward situation. If you close your hotel from November until the spring and are lucky enough to get a job straight away, it will be just a matter of six months until the season starts again. So – do you tell prospective employers that you whilst you can work the required hours from November, once April arrives you can’t work weekends. Or do you take the job, planning to leave when your bookings start to pick up? The latter, whilst it makes financial sense for you, is very unfair if your employer has taken the time to train you to work in their business. This is particularly true if you accept a job offer from a small local business.

Temp retail jobs for the run up to Xmas are plentiful. Most will be part time at first with the possibility of full time as Christmas approaches. Many of the big brands will have an Xmas recruitment programme.  If you like fashion, you could look into jobs at Primark  Next etc. If you like fragrances,  The Perfume Shop usually recruit temp staff for the Xmas period and the vacancies can last well into January to cover the January sales

You could consider alternative forms of  temping if you don’t fancy retail – there’s a great variety of temporary jobs ranging from Xmas function catering  to office/call centre work. I have previously worked for Adecco – they had a vacancy which was perfect for me. Office work in the evenings! No telephone duties, just admin support for the daytime staff. Monday to Friday 6pm until 10pm.

One of my friends has, for the last five years, worked for a care agency from November to March. This is an area where there is a high demand for reliable staff and you can literally work as many hours as you want. When she first started doing this, she had been running her hotel for three years. In the first year, she tried to attract out of season bookings but they were too scarce to be viable. The following two years she had JUST ABOUT made enough money in the season to manage. But it was a long, long winter with very little to spare. One of her sisters suggested registering as a carer. The agency she registered with provided training and recommended that she started working shifts as soon as possible. This would enable her to complete her training and gain enough experience so that when she was ready to close the hotel, she could immediately go into full time caring.

You really need to assess your work plans early in the year. It’s no use applying to an agency such as Adecco in November – you need to apply much earlier because they will often need to run reference checks. In my case, the client I worked for was in the  financial sector which meant I had to undergo additional checks – ID , finance and DRB. From interview to job commencement, there was a period of six weeks.  If you are registering as a carer, you need to speak to an agency at least a few months before you want to start work. You will need a DRB check and references before you start your training.