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Additional Income for Hoteliers


If your hotel is run on a seasonal basis, how will you generate income when it is closed. You could get a job – if you close your hotel in November through to March/ April there will be part time temp retail jobs for the Xmas period and a short time afterwards.

What if you can’t find a suitable job though? Being self employed is a great opportunity to try making money without leaving the comfort of your dining room. Making money online – when I first read that phrase I was immediately sceptical. There are so many scams around that it’s difficult not to be suspicious.  But after spending a few weeks ‘lurking’ on the forum of The Moneyshed, I joined their forum and asked a miliion questions. What did I get in return? Someone trying to sell me something? Lulled into a pyramid selling scheme? No..what I did get was LOADS of ideas about making money online.  If you want to earn money from home, here’s a few ideas;

  • Online Surveys – these wont make a fortune but if you have nothing else to do, you can build up a fair amount per month. Most of the survey sites require you to complete lots of surveys and accrue points before you can cash out your points for cash.  Not all sites are worth signing up to as you may find that you are frequently ‘screened out’. This means that the survey will ask certain questions to ascertain that you are the type of person they are looking to research. Often, you will get screened out after a few questions about your age, location, job etc. But with some of them, you will get screened out when you have already divulged a useful amount of data. My favourites sites are Panelbase and Branded Surveys. There is also a survey app, QMEE, which is great – surveys are uploaded throughout the day, some well paid, some aren’t. Have a look at The Moneyshed Survey Bible for more ideas.
  • Website Testing – I signed up to a site called What Users Do. This is a company whose clients ask them to test their websites for usability. Once you sign up, you will be asked to install the What Users Do web tester and complete a small test. Assuming you do okay, you will be emailed to participate in web tests. You will need to buy a headset with a microphone as when you are working your way through the various pages of the site you are testing you will be asked to voice your opinion. Tests are usually paid at a rate of £5 per test. Which isn’t bad considering most take no more than ten minutes – sign up at https://www.whatusersdo.com/