Get online with a website for your hotel



A website for your hotel is an essential and inexpensive part of your business marketing. Years ago it was an absolute minefield to get online with web designers seemingly just plucking a figure out of thin air when asked for a quote.  Anyone who could get a small business online began to take advantage of businesses such as small hotels and guest houses. A simple website could literally end up costing hundreds of pounds, with additional charges for new photographs, updates to information such as availability, rates etc. With all these costs you might naturally assume that your hotel would be right at the top of a Google search. Ask the web designer and there would no doubt be an additional cost for Search Engine Optimisation with ‘no guarantee as Google is a law unto itself’.. (yes, that line was trotted out when I was obtaining quotes for my hotel site).

Over recent years, the reign of expensive website designers has slowed down substantially thanks to the arrival of companies such as Go Daddy and Wix. Both have easy to use, ready made templates to use as your virtual ‘shop window’.  They are cost effective as a basic website and, with a bit of practice, easy enough to use. All you need are your hotel photographs – the site should include a photo of each room, a well written information piece for each page and a domain to suit your business.

Costs for a WIX business site start at £102 plus VAT – on the WIX pricing plan page, this is displayed as £8.50 a month. This doesn’t mean that you can pay monthly, they’ve broken it down to look nice and cheap then the full price inc VAT is displayed at checkout

Go Daddy costs £83.88 a year, again it’s an annual payment upon commencement.  There is a one month free trial to see how you get on with it.

The WIX cost includes a domain whereas you will have to pay for your domain name with Go Daddy, although they occasionally have a domain sale with names starting at £1.

If you’re not used to being creative, these sites can take a while to get used to therefore if you are thinking you may need a new site for the upcoming season, I would recommend making a start as soon as possible.