Holiday flats – running a holiday flats business

holiday flats Blackpool

Holiday flats are a popular holiday accommodation choice – you could consider running a holiday flats business as an alternative to a B&B.

Whilst there are numerous hotels on the market, holiday flats aren’t so plentiful. When they do come up for sale, the ones which are  well managed and good order don’t stay around on the estate agent website  for long.

They are popular because they are less labour intensive than a hotel. For instance, a typical morning in a 12 bed B&B would entail

  • early start to prepare breakfast
  • set dining room
  • serve breakfast
  • clear breakfast pots, clean and hoover dining room
  • clean kitchen, load dishwasher
  • if guests are checking out, strip bedding and clean room. Prepare the room for new guests if due in that day
  • Service rooms

By contrast, a typical  morning within a holiday flats business..

  • prepare and refresh apartments for incoming guests

As you can see, there is a huge comparison. The workload for a 12 bedroom hotel is extensive – the example above illustrates the schedule of just one morning. In addition, there are other daily jobs such as shopping, cooking and serving evening meal, serving on the bar, preparing bar snacks if you offer them and generally being ‘on call’.

A hotel needs two people to run it.  When I had my hotel, a neighbour and her partner decided to separate. He left whilst she managed the hotel (7 double bedrooms, 2 family bedrooms). Luckily her friends and neighbours helped out in the first few weeks  but when the summer season kicked in and we couldn’t abandon our own kitchens to help in hers, it was a very demanding time.

It is worth bearing in mind that on ‘changeover’, a holiday apartment has all the cleaning necessities of a hotel room but there’s also the appliances and utensils. At the very least, a holiday flat will contain a fridge,a microwave, crockery and cutlery.  These items will increase the time it takes to turn the flat. Add a few extra’s such as a full size cooker, washing machine and tumble dryer – that’s more cleaning.

In terms of income, holiday flats are usually charged by a set apartment rate as opposed to per person. There is no opportunity for add on sales. With a hotel you have additional income from the bar and food sales.

Holiday flats are ideal as a sole operated business. I know several couples who have holiday flats and one half of the couple has a full time job. A regular income, particularly in the winter, is worth it’s weight in gold!