Running a Blackpool hotel – jobs and schedules.

Running a Blackpool hotel – there’s a lot more to it than you might think! It’s true to say that when you run a hotel, no two days are the same. But there are some things which are daily and weekly jobs at the same frequency each day or week. Assuming full occupancy with no departures or arrivals, here is what a typical day would entail for me;


Get up at 7 am – my husband was responsible  for the cooking so whilst he was preparing the kitchen for cooked to order breakfasts, I would prepare the dining room. Jobs for this were

  • vacuum floor
  • set tables
  • replenish buffet stand with cereal, fresh fruit, jugs of juice and milk.
  • in the kitchen, it helps if you have your own section of a worktop where  you won’t be in the way. Use this to prepare toast to order. Set out as many cups as you will need and have a supply of teabags and instant coffee next to them.  You will also need small milk jugs to take out with hot drinks.
  • greet guests, take orders and serve breakfast.

Once your guests have vacated the dining room it needs the tables cleared and wiped, vacuum everywhere – PULL ALL TABLES OUT so you don’t  miss any stray bits of toast!

Into the kitchen –  load the dishwasher, wash pans, wipe surfaces, sweep and mop floor.

Time for a quick brew before guests go out for the day.

Next job – service rooms. Unless your guests have placed a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, each room needs towels, cups and refreshments replenished.

Vacuum landings, polish bannisters.

At the same time you are doing this, you will need to be on call for guests and the phone.

Afternoon – use this time for daily admin such as  book keeping, booking confirmations, banking.

If you offer evening meal, now is the time to start preparing – it;s worth mentioning here that many hoteliers find the evening meal a bit of a non cost effective nuisance.  However, if you have  a licenced bar, it is a requirement that you offer evening meals.

If you have a bar, you need to be available for that in the evening. Use the times when not serving to prepare for the next morning – replenish cereal boxes, cutlery tray, serviettes etc.

Other jobs you will need to fit into your day:

Laundry – if you have have you laundry service washed it will need putting away which if you like your laundry cupboard organised, can take a good hour.

Social media – update frequently with pics of happy guests!

Check booking sites – if you’re on, Trip Advisor etc, check that your availability is up to date